Our Thoughts on Season 4 of the Boys

Our Thoughts on Season 4 of the Boys

The first 3 episodes of The Boys is now streaming on Prime Video! With Season 4 of The Boys out, we are excited to see what is going to happen next this season. I know many are excited to see what happens next in the show and we got some thoughts of what we just seen.

Beware…Spoiler alert below!

Our Thoughts of the first 3 episodes

  • Homelander trying to make his son shine, while at the same time not wanting him to, is hilarious. You can see him fail as a parent to Ryan by wanting to have the things he didn’t have. Then he starts to see his son not wanting him or the things he provides, because, well he is a kid.
  • A-train giving that footage to Annie shows that he wants to be the hero he is portrayed. He wants his brother’s sons to know he is a real hero and not a scripted one. With A-train saving Hughie at that event, I think he maybe turning a cheek.
  • Firecracker: I love her! I hope they don’t kill her off too early
  • Sage is what the seven needed for The Seven. She is given direction for Homelander and helping him better himself and the seven. Her and Deep going on town on each other…ehhh not too much lol.
  • Butcher not being the leader of The Boys is hard, but seeing him trying to talk to Ryan is real good.
  • MM as leader of the Boys is horrible, enough said.

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