Nothing is Impossible Review

Nothing is Impossible is a film by Matt Shapira starring David A.R White, Nadia Bjorlin, and Steven Bauer. In a Pure Flix film about a down and out ex-basketball player whose life did not go as planned. When a chance to play again come out he takes the longshot. As the local team is finding it’s self in some trouble, they put out an open try out call.

Things happen for reason we do not know, and this is the perfect example. Scott’s is about to cross paths with his love of his life. In an unplanned moment the pieces start to fall in place out of nowhere. Each having not living the life they had dreamed not they are face to face. Scott has an uphill battle to gain a spot on the team and with people out for him to fail.

Scott push for his dream is an amazing one and his story is his to finish. He will be faced with people against him, and he will be used. Just a man’s will, and some divine help and love will carry him over. A great story everyone can relate to. The story will vibe with you in a way that one can see themselves in Scott in one form or another. I give this one a solid 7 out of a 10 for the feel-good story and a great ending to Scott’s story.