No Hard Feeling Review

No Hard Feeling is Directed by  Gene Stupnitshy and stars Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth  Feldman. In a wild story of a young woman trying to pay her taxes. Maddie is very down on her luck and she finds herself answering an ad. Just not a very normal job ad the parents are looking for a young girl to date their son. In return, they will give a car as payment. In desperate need of a car, she takes the job and now must hook up with Percy.

Things are not going to be as easy as she thinks with this guy who is afraid of his own shadow. Making for a raunchy and wild ride to get the car. Maddie will have to pull out all the stops to have sex with Percy. Things start to get a bit real for both of them making the plan not work. They will learn a lot from each other and help each other in more ways than one.

Jennifer Lawrence kills this role she is perfect in this one. She is a blast to watch in this one She really goes all in on this one. A coming-of-age story unlike most I give this one an 8 out of 10 I laugh so hard on this one. The movie is a wild one and they went for the shock and awe and landed it. Don’t miss out on this one check it out and see how far Maddie is willing to go for that car to save her home.