New Crossover Event Begins: AFK Arena x That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

New Crossover Event Begins: AFK Arena x That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

SHANGHAI, China – June 5, 2024 — Lilith Games today announced a new crossover event for AFK Arena with the popular anime series, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (also known as TenSura). Starting on June 5, 2024, TenSura’s main protagonist, Rimuru Tempest, and popular character, Shuna, will travel to the continent of Esperia to join the many heroes of AFK Arena. A new themed Voyage of Wonder called “Stone Freed, Water Flows” will depict their new adventure story on this continent.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3 premiered May 2024 and new episodes are releasing every week on various anime platforms. At this point, AFK Arena has chosen to collaborate with TenSura, hoping to bring excitement to AFK Arena‘s game fans and TenSura’s anime fans.

Rimuru and Shuna are now free-to-try for AFK Arena players with their own in-game abilities. Rimuru unleashes devastating spells as an intellectual mage. Shuna, his ever-reliable guardian, provides strategic support with intellect-based skills.

Just like in the anime, Rimuru possesses the power to name and empower allies though his “Equal Naming” ability. His regenerative abilities are also faithfully recreated, allowing him to bounce back from the brink of defeat. Plus, players will see Rimuru’s iconic slime form when enemies are defeated by him.

Meanwhile, Shuna has many abilities that will help allies’ health in battle. For instance, she can anticipate and cancel enemy’s ultimate abilities with “Magic Overwrite.” Shuna then channels her own energy to empower her allies with “Sorcerer’s Blessing,” a shield that absorbs damage and control effects, but can only be used a limited number of times.

AFK Arena took time to faithfully capture the anime duo in its game art, gameplay and game trailer. In addition, the team at Lilith Games worked with the original Japanese voice actors to provide their voices for the characters’ dialogues. To see them in action, see the game trailer below:

Generous game rewards and event giveaways

Throughout the crossover event, there will be many opportunities for players to receive giveaways and in-game rewards. There will be 180 Free Summons for all players who play during this event, and each player will receive a free trial of Rimuru and Shuna. Players can try these two characters to help them solve difficult stuck levels.


AFK Arena is available for free for mobile devices on the App StoreGoogle Play, and on Windows PC via Google Play Games (beta).


Download AFK Arena and participate in the new crossover event! Join the new adventure of Rimuru and Shuna today!

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