My Autumn Amor new EP titled Mermaid Blood is out now!

My Autumn Amor new EP titled Mermaid Blood is out now!

My Autumn Amor entered the music scene with widespread acknowledgement when his single ‘Your Life Is A Song’ had its radio premiere on Nic Harcourt in 2020. To great acclaim, in 2021, ‘Quiet Girl’ saw MAA mix his singer-songwriter approach with electronic beats and synthesisers. In 2022, ‘Believe’ gained international airplay across Europe, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, and Australia, and peaked at number one on KROQ Los Angeles Locals Only. 


My Autumn Amor returns with his highly-anticipated five-track EP, Mermaid Blood. The alternative, indie-rock masterpieces demonstrate the intensity of love and grief in full bloom captured across the tracks. The songs mirror the tetrahedral nature of love in Anton Chekhov’s play ‘Uncle Vanya’, drawing inspiration from his time spent writing the play’s original soundtrack and performing in it.


He is a real visionary who crafts an enlightened rock sound by fusing brilliant lyricism with hazy guitars. Mermaid Blood, is an adventurous and engrossing exploration of his multifaceted creative vision. With an astounding five tracks, My Autumn Amor immerses listeners in his joyful, transdisciplinary environment by delving deeply into personal experiences and metaphorical storytelling.


My Autumn Amor, a pioneer in the contemporary rock scene, showcases his fearlessness in exploring boundaries with his diverse and compelling music on, Mermaid Blood. He establishes himself as a musician who boldly pushes the limits of alternative, indie-rock music. He provides a captivating and varied listening experience, ranging from personal acoustic moments to energetic and powerful songs. He created, recorded, and produced in his bedroom studio.


Mermaid Blood, is a seamless blend of alternative, indie rock’s raw energy mixed with My Autumn Amor’s artistic flair. The EP takes listeners on a remarkable sonic journey while showcasing Autumn Amor’s creative abilities. So get ready for a very personal and visually stunning musical experience as he solidifies his status as one of the most passionate musicians of the new rock age. He demonstrates his compositional skills and shows how his work has an impact in addition to resonance. 


In what is yet another outstanding effort, this EP in particular seems to embody My Autumn Amor’s character as a musician and artist. As he advances in the music industry, he is committed to creating music that leaves a lasting emotive impression on listeners.  Fans of alternative indie-rock and those seeking a fresh, authentic sound will find much to appreciate in My Autumn Amor’s latest release.

On the release, My Autumn Amor shares, “Mermaid Blood, the song and album was inspired by my appearance in Anton Chekhov’s play Uncle Vanya a couple of months ago. I also created the original score for the theatrical production.”


Last year, My Autumn Amor debuted his first movie ‘Believe In Yourself’ on Amazon Prime, having won several awards during its independent film festival run. He continues to advocate for homeless children as a member of the UNICEF Guardian Circle, with a portion of sales going to the UNICEF children’s fund. He urges all who can help provide lifesaving food and medicine to children in war and disaster zones. The film details his journey from abuse survivor and homeless teenager, to Top 40 song rotation, while bringing attention to the homeless crisis in America.


Accumulating press coverage across the likes of Vinyl Chapters, PureMzine, Jammerzine, and Plastic Magazine, and gaining radio play and Spotify playlist support, My Autumn Amor has presented himself as an exciting musical talent with a lot of promise for the future.


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