Mr. Birthday film review

A movie can show you a better way to view the world by being the moon to yourself and your children. The stars glisten when you want to plead for a wish yet exclaim when the wish takes a left turn. A movie can turn the view into a path of enlighten joy. Mr. Birthday is a movie that helps you see things differently and understand different peoples situation. I was filled with joy watching this movie and felt an uncanny way to mimic Jason London as he brought joy to his daughter’s life and everyone else as well.

Jason London stars as a goofy father named Barry that brings sunshine to his daughter’s life. He works at this hotel as a maintenance guy that tries to make sure nothing is breaking down and the tenants are following the rules. He enjoys making himself laugh and not letting the surrounding situations bring him down. After he made picking up trash seem fun while his daughter watched, a tenant by the name of Mr. Jay recruits Barry to participate in his International Birthday Network. After watching his daughter nearly have a bad birthday due to no one coming, he decides to join and also bring along his daughter too. Barry and his daughter go on various birthdays to bring joy to children celebrating their birthdays. Eric Roberts plays a lawyer named Rick that is in love with one of the new maintenance woman named Jess. Once he catches Barry and Jess eating pizza, he goes out of his way to make sure Barry doesn’t have a job too long!

I enjoyed viewing this movie as it had tons of laughs and saw a different side of Jason London. I enjoyed Jason’s past movies and this one brought him in a new unique direction. I enjoyed how silly he could be on the camera and just have so much fun. This movie is for the family to watch together!

Rating: 9 out of 10