Manifest: The Complete Series DVD Review

Manifest: The Complete Series DVD Review

Unravel the mystery all over again with the release of Manifest: The Complete Series on DVD! The series is out now to purchase and is jammed packed with all 4 seasons. Montego Air Flight 828 landed safely at the airport but in a span of a few hours, they learned things changed drastically. They were missing for 5 years and everyone around them aged while they didn’t at all. They are given a second chance in life but also a deeper mystery unfolds in their situation.

We were able to get a review set of Manifest: The Complete Series on DVD. I was able to do an unboxing below to see what was inside the DVD set. I then put the first DVD in and started my rewatch of Manifest. The show looked really well on my 4K television and the Dolby Audio was amazing on my surround sound. I felt like I was watching the show in a premium direction! I was able to catch up on previous episodes I had missed as well as enjoy rewatching past episodes. A good DVD set for any collector of TV series and good show to watch as well.


Our thoughts


  • Complete Series
    • I have seen Manifest before on a streaming platform, but I wasn’t able to see the complete series. With the DVD set, I’m able to watch all episodes of Manifest on my DVD player. I’m able to check out episodes that I may have missed and also relive ones that I had forgotten about.
  • Dolby Audio
    • Manifest has a ton of action that is now complemented with the Dolby Audio on each episode of the DVDS. I had my surround sound working real good with each episode as I’m able to pick up various sounds here and there crystal clear.



Rating: 9 out of 10

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