Magic Chaos PC Steam Review

“MAGIC CHAOS” is an online multiplayer bullet-hell shooting party game for up to 4 players. Customize your own unique combination of diverse characters and strategic skills to win the seriously chaotic battle royale!

We were able to get a few review keys to try out Magic Chaos on Steam. I was able to download one of the games to my laptop and the other team member’s gaming PC. The download went pretty quickly on both of our ends. I felt the space needed wasn’t too bad as I knew this game was gonna have a lot of cool graphics. We booted up the games and played once as a team for a bit to get a hold of the game and other games was against each other. I had a lot of fun playing Magic Chaos as it blew my mind hard!

Our Thoughts


  • Teleport
    • One of the abilities one of the girls has is teleportation. Oh snap! I was using that one character and was able to teleport to avoid being hit and get some hits on my own using that ability. I may have overused that ability for quite a bit when my opponents figured a strategy to stop me though.
  • Unique levels
    • I have to admit the design team did an amazing job creating some of those battle levels. One moment I’m in a battle in the middle of traffic to the next level I’m in the forest. I enjoyed the creativity by the designers on keeping us on our toes with the levels.



Rating: 10 out of 1o

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