Madden 2024 Xbox Series S Review

Madden 2024 Xbox Series S Review

I was able to try out Madden 2024 on my Xbox Series S using my Ultimate Game Pass Subscription. The download of the game went well as I believe it was going to be over 100GBS but instead it was only 25GBs. I was shocked and awed! Either way, once the downloaded completed, I was able to sign into my EA account and play Madden 24. During my exhibition game, the flow of Madden was very smooth on my Xbox Series S console.

I felt this is a MAJOR update from last years game as it utilized my next gen console on graphics and game play. I did have trouble scrolling through various plays and a few delay of game situations. All in all, solid game from EA and can’t wait to see next year’s Madden!

Our Thoughts


  • Faster Play Action
    • The play action during each play was very smooth and much faster than last years version. I was able to accomplish a sack on the quarterback while on defense and a touchdown run on offense. The play action felt much smoother and utilizing my next gen console very well.
  • Graphics
    • Madden is known to showcase the best graphics in a sports game and they continue that with Madden 24. I was able to see my team’s perform on the field so much clearer like it was Sunday afternoon during the season. I normally would choose the Cowboys during the season but I tried out a few other teams as well. Graphics all around on those teams were greatly designed very well!


  • Switch Plays
    • I had one thing that I was confused while playing Madden 24 was shifting between plays. They have what coach recommends, yet I wanted to utilize different formations for the next play. I would end up getting a delay of game while I searched for a plays during a specific game. This really bothered me and I would have to use “coach’s recommendations” more during plays.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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