Lost On Planet Earth Comic Book Review

You look out into the sky and imagine a future; a future that will take you to unknown heights. You forget to look beyond the sky to what matters most and that is yourself. You forget your limitations which becomes your weakness instead of your strengths. You are forged with thoughts that blink with the sun of temptation. You become lost not on the map but on the compass of life. I felt like that while reading Lost on Planet Earth!

I enjoyed reading the first few issues of the comic book! I enjoyed seeing Basil go through what she thought was her future. She at first was very nervous with the aspect of being actually happy. Who would have thought and it could have happened to all of us! I liked the story of her actually being lost and having to find herself throughout the pages of the comic book. Her friend Charlotte is there the whole way and you can feel the tension between them as they want whats best for each other. I love the art in this comic as you can feel their emotions through out the pages by just looking at the art.

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