Logitech M705 Marathon Mouse Hands-On Review

I had received this specific product about 1 month ago and I can say that I love this mouse.  I work in an office setting and I glad that I was able to get this product because the previous mouse I was using was giving me major wrist problems. 

This mouse is definitely a good find on my end. With 2 double AA batteries this mouse is expected to run for about 3 years. I am personally expecting it for longer than 3 years as long as you remember to turn off the device whenever it is not in use. The laser tracking on my office desk is really accurate, this device was a plug and play and I never once had to calibrate it.  

Because I am consistently on the web at work, I really appreciate the extra Forward and Backward buttons on the left side of the device for quick switching between the previous screen. Reminds me of a gaming mouse in several ways. As for the position of the mouse, it does have a Right-Hand Design, sorry left handers. Also, for someone with somewhat large hands this will feel relatively comfortable in the hand when gripped.


A huge feature on this mouse is the Hyper Scrolling. You are able to toggle between your generic scroll or the hyper scroller with the click of a button on the top of the device. If you do not know what Hyper Scrolling is, it allows you to scroll pages in a single spin so you would be able to reach certain areas with ease. 

 With all the features that come with the mouse it has definitely made my work life easier in the office. It is affordable, comfortable, light weight, and very easy to set-up out of the package and with the Hyper Scrolling feature I am definitely able to complete my work a lot faster. Also, the slick design is a plus and stands out from other mice.  If you are looking to see where you can purchase this device links will be down below in the description 



Logitech: https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/m705?crid=7 

Best Buy – Sale: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/logitech-marathon-mouse-m705-wireless-laser-mouse-black/1325119.p?skuId=1325119 

Amazon – Sale: https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-M705-Wireless-Marathon-Mouse/dp/B003TG75EG/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1WN454RXKW0DF&keywords=logitech+wireless+mouse&qid=1574309899&sprefix=logitech%2Caps%2C176&sr=8-2