Little Friends Puppy Island Nintendo Switch Review

Little Friends Puppy Island Nintendo Switch Review

Our family enjoys having a game night together on certain days of the week. During game night, we take turns playing a game together which gives me a chance to teach my children many aspects of a game they may not notice when they play themselves. I was able to get a game called Little Friends Puppy Island for the Nintendo Switch. I was able to do a quick look over from the front to back of the casing and noticed this is going to be a fun game for the family and I. I decided to add this to our family gaming night to enjoy together.

We were able to get a copy of Little Friends Puppy Island for the Nintendo Switch to include in our Holiday Gift Guide. After our unboxing video, we were able to play the game and absolutely adored it. We decided to do a review for others to try out the game and have some fun as well. The copy of the game did require a download to the Nintendo Switch for an update to the game. The download went pretty quickly and once done, we were able to sit down and play the game with the family.


Our Thoughts


  • Family Fun
    • Your on a tropical island that is filled with dogs and puppies! You know this will be fun and exciting! While taking turns playing the game, we collected cute outfits for our puppies, found hidden spots, and learned about different dog breeds! A fun game that will take time to beat, but the children had so much fun.
  • Learn how to take care of a dog
    • During the game, your given instructions on how to walk a dog, how to feed a dog, where to walk with a dog, and etc. My children never had a pet dog, but by playing Little Friends Puppy Island, we are ready to adopt one soon. I explained to my children owning a dog isn’t just owning a pet, but they become part of the family. You will need to learn a new set of skills for that family member which happens to be a dog. I felt this was very informative for my children to know specific aspects for a pet dog that they may have not known before.
  • Paw button covers
    • I have to say these are very cute! These button covers with a shape of a paw in the middle fit perfectly to our Nintendo Switch. I like to get surprises like this when you first open up a game. I think this is a lost art for companies as small things like this would make a gamer so much happy. By having something neat like this included with the game, I know many folks would love to have them.



Rating: 8 out of 10

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