Liteboxer VR Review Oculus Quest 2

Liteboxer VR Review Oculus Quest 2

New technology for fitness and health has been evolving for years! As our technology grows, scientists find ways to make fitness and health easier and much available for many people. Well, Liteboxer brings you a full body interactive workout where you don’t have to leave your house. You are taken into the virtual world of Liteboxer VR.

Liteboxer VR debuted at CES 2022 to a standing ovation as many health enthusiasts are looking for ways to increase their workouts. Using the Oculus Quest 2, users can get a workout from their home virtually. They can get a full body workout using the components of Oculus Quest 2 and be coached at the same time virtually.

We were able to get the opportunity to try the Liteboxer VR before it comes out and review it using ourselves and our family. We wanted to get an all around look at what kind of workouts Liteboxer VR provides.

Here is the review:


  • Music
    • The music was fantastic! We enjoyed the various types of music that hyped you up throughout the workout. You felt like you had your very own theme song while using Liteboxer VR.
  • Workout
    • We are used to using weights or finding different components to deliver a workout these days. Liteboxer VR has workouts where your body is taken into a way that provides an intense workout without the weights. You have different modes such as easy, medium or difficult that will help you make sure you have that proper workout.
  • Overall Health
    • I have to admit, many families don’t get together much these days to get their daily workout. Frank and his family came together to enjoy the workouts from Liteboxer VR. He and his family got a workout that they didn’t realize as they were having so much fun with the game. Many don’t realize that something so fun can provide a workout that changes the way we view them.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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