Liberated Nintendo Switch Review

Liberated Nintendo Switch Review

Liberated on Switch 


In the near future, Liberated starts off in a comic book design with moving pictures within. Think Harry Potter newspapers/wanted posters but in video game form that is hand drawn!

The pages that draw you in, feature movie-like sounds and necessary movement to keep each frame like a story frame. Or as we like to refer to as inside style-gameplay.  The environment is a future mix of cyberpunk and groups like anonymous combined. And is reminiscent of Watchmen or Noir vibes with its black and white style shading or grittiness.


The gameplay starts off with real life event tragedy recognition that is a story coerced by a Big Brother entity. A good strategy to the game you will need to keep in mind is the mechanics are side scroll that will also require stealth missions/tactics to get to the objective. Because you can only see so far ahead, be sure to take it slow and be cautious. The shadows are your ally. I found that because of its limitation of grayscale, you might not be able to tell how deep hiding in a spot is until it happens, I would recommend to play on the TV or with your switch at a brighter setting for the game. 


You control the story of events and responses of your character, this instantly has me curious about alternative reactions of events. I am currently going with a good cop/bad cop attitude depending on the situation. The order of society in this game, highlights social attitudes in expressing that someone who doesn’t participate, is most likely up to no good. 


It definitely feels more personal and applicable more than ever as current events seem to reflect that attitude and perception of control over those who do not follow rules but want to defy the system. As continued play and story development occur, I find myself reading an interesting story/reality rather than playing a game. This of course can be more hands on depending on the difficulty that you choose before playing the game. Think wisely how involved you want to be before choosing. 


Be Ready! For at any moment you might need to quickly react with certain button requests in order to avoid damage or better story outcome. I would compare the graphics to be very playstation 2 like as they are slightly blocky but also walking dead like in this fast action paced story. 


“You got a decision to make, man” will you be fighting the system to control whos free or where the free choose the system. An all too powerful message in this gritty cop like video game dialogue empowers the player. Rest assured this game also has a lot of adult language so if you are thinking of buying this for your kid, keep that in mind if below 18. As for the theme of the game as you develop into the story, you will find how eerie that this could be our reality. 

Choose Wisely. 


Overall I really enjoyed the game, I think it has a lot of beautiful drawn art to its style, would love to see colored versions of future games from the company, comic book games can definitely work, loved the puzzle games, and overall story of Liberated. I highly recommend it. 


You can check out the video game on the Nintendo Switch today! 

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