Lego KidsFest Houston Review

Lego KidsFest Houston Review

The amount of awesome joy when I looked inside the area with legos all around me, brought a tear near my cheek! Lego’s have been my favorite ever since I was a child and now bringing my own children to the world of Legos, is just amazing!

The whole area had some amazing Lego buildings! I was just amazed on what people can build with Legos. I walked around and there was an area for children to play, so of course my children had some fun.

The mountain of legos in the area was just astonishing but yet fun, you feel compelled to wait your turn, but you just want to go ahead and jump in the pile.

I love how people can use their imagination and build some of the greatest things with Legos! I am a big Cars fan as we as a family love to watch the movie! We were just amazed on the design and use from the legos to create Lightning McQueen and bring him to life with Legos.

All in all we had some great fun! The children created some cool things with Legos and we met some cool friends there as well. Many people were very enthusiastic to talk about the cool things Legos can do for everyone. I for one was one of those excited people there and will love to go again when they come back to Houston!