Lavalier Microphone Omnidirectional Recording Lapel Mic with Clip – 20Ft Product Review

Lavalier Microphone Omnidirectional Recording Lapel Mic with Clip – 20Ft Product Review

With the doors opening for travel again, we are looking at products that will not only give us amazing sound when used in public but also a long cord for safety reasons. We were able to find this Lavalier Lapel Microphone on Amazon to try it out and see if this would fit our style.

I was able to sit down and play with with his lapel mic as see what kind of gadgets and gizmos it came with. I was very impressed on what I saw throughout this review. This is something we do need to do our interviews, content creation and more when my team and I travel around the country.

Here is the review:


  • Type C Connector
    • My favorite part is this product came with a type C connector as an additional adapter. I was very stoked on that as I felt this gave a better sound for myself on my laptop. I have a type C connector on there and it worked flawlessly when plugged in.
  • Headphone Connection
    • The thing I digged hard was that this lapel mic has a way to differentiate between cellphone and camera. This way gave to having its own built in head phone jack to use. I was able to connect to connect my headphones into the jack and hear my self talk using the mic. This will help big time when we are doing interviews in conventions and editing on the go as well.
  • Plug and Play
    • I was able to plug the 3.5mm connector into android phone and it was able to pick it up on there. Then I used the USB C connector for my laptop and PC and both worked from that connection. The mic did very well as it reduced the noise around me and only picked up my voice.


  • USB connector didn’t recognize mic on laptop but did on PC
    • I was able to plug in the USB connector to my laptop and then plugged in the mic. Looked in Sound settings, it did say USB mic but no sound was coming out of it. I then switched to my PC in the other room and it worked like a charm using the USB connector. I was surprised it didn’t work on my laptop though for USB connection

Rating: 9 out of 10

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