Lavalier Lapel Microphone, 78.7” Omnidirectional Condenser Noise Cancelling Mic Review

We were able to have the chance to review this awesome Lavalier Lapel Mic from a company online. We were able to do an unboxing and try out the mic for this review. Come on down the rabbit hole and watch us review this cool new lapel mic!

We slowly open the box of the package for the mic and this lapel mic comes with its own covering case. This is good for traveling to other places and keeping the mic in a safe environment.

We continue to unbox this mic and see it came with some cool items. The mic comes with an adapter so you can connect the mic to the computer and get that good signal strength. The package also comes with an additional wind muff coverings so you can swap out the old one for a new one. Then the main attraction to the mic, this comes with a 98.4 inch extension cable to stretch this mic out. This is good for social distancing these days!

The mic came out looking good from the case with ease. We were able to remove the wire holder and was able to extend the mic from a distance.

Here is our unboxing Video:


You can buy the mic here: