Last Radio Call Film Review

Last Radio Call is a film by Isaac Rodriguez and Cynthia Bergen starring Sarah Froelich, June Griffin. The story of Officer David Serling (Jason Scarbrough) and what happens to him on a call at Yorktown Memorial Hospital. Needing answers his wife sets out to find the truth of what happened that night at the abandoned hospital.

Sarah (Sarah Frolich) is hellbent on finding her husband just is not ready for what she will find. The police department covering up the events of that night. She and her camera guy go on their own investigation to uncover the truth. Some things are just not meant to be known. She gets help from some people that will shed light on that night. The evidence she finds will change her life forever.  A Native American will tell her about a folklore legend that will be a huge clue but a deadly one.

Last Radio Call is a found footage/Bodycam-based film that adds a real layer of fright to the film. The story is very well written by Isaac Rodriguez who wears many hats in the production of this film. Shot in the infamous Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Texas. Adding a huge layer of creepiness from the well-known haunted location. I give this film an 8 out of 10 for a great story the location use of the hospital is such an added element to the film. The Native American and Texas lore are well used in the film. I loved the body cam and found-footage style the shakiness of the body cam is a great touch. Give this one a watch and see how the story plays out. I didn’t want to spoil the film which is a must-see to find out what happened to Officer Serling and why everyone was left in a state they are in.