Last Of The Irin Web Book Review

Last Of The Irin Web Book Review

Through the pages of Last Of The Irin, you feel like your traveling through history with an alternate lens. If the statues could talk, they would tell of stories that are beyond belief. You will encounter the vision of what many theorists have been trying to do. They have been trying to find a logical answer to what our past is but through that alternate lens.

The Last Of The Irin is that fantastic answer which gives readers an imagination of the tales they have grown to know. Those tales of good and bad, God vs Satan, and more are showcased throughout the pages of the web comic. You feel like your given the missing pieces of those answers people want to know in history. This web comic will take your imagination on a spin of  those expanded subjects and give the readers a view of the past and future.

Here is our review:


  • The Art
    • The art is fantastic throughout this web book! The details of each person including muscles, hair, and even specks of blood on their clothing is designed so well. Even before words are spoken, you can feel what is going to be next just by looking at the environment of that image portrayed in the comic. You really do can feel the emotion of the characters by the art.
  • The Story
    • The story flows so well throughout the web comic that you feel that these are the missing pieces of literature in history. The story is so intertwined with history that Last of the Irin’s own website has a specific section on the history and story. The story goes into detail through every page which gives us time to learn the characters and what is literally embedded in their blood. This gives the reader time to enjoy the comic, enjoy the art and yet discover something new throughout the pages.


  • Small Words
    • The words throughout the web comic can be a tad small. Granted I did have the media copy to do this review. I did went to the website to look into other volumes and I had to zoom into the image to at times read something important. I do wear glasses so it may just have affected me but I know others do wear glasses so this could pose as a small problem.

Rating: 9.0 / 10.0

I had a blast reading this first volume of the web comic titled Last of the Irin. You are fed a new look of ancient mythologies of what it could be have been at that moment. I have to say the story in volume 1 for The Last of Irin is just fantastic! This story dives into mythology and religion through the lenses of the Gods with a different view of what happened in our past. Then we are introduced to Anahita who could be the key to finally save her family’s past! The art is amazing in the web comic! I felt like I was in an art exhibit but showcased a  story that is significant to our history using art.

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