La Brea Season 3 on Peacock was Tough to Watch Yet Addicting

Season 3 of La Brea came with such excitement and fan fare as it was going to be its last season. I caught up with Season 1 and 2 on Peacock and I was digging the show hard. The characters had gotten me hooked to the show as I enjoyed watching them evolve throughout the series. Season 3 of La Brea was going to be the last season for the show which stunned fans from around the world. La Brea had the “Lost essence mixed with Syfy channel drama”. I wanted more of the show, but I see how streaming platforms only do a few season of each new show.

I was able to watch Season 3 of La Brea on my Peacock account. Each Wednesday, I would watch each episode to see if they ever found Eve and made it made to our timeline. This season, I noticed the story was rushed tremendously which would confuse storylines that I had once enjoyed. I was trying to catch up on what is going on and then it veers to another story line. This season, though, only had 6 episodes which was astonishing. I would expect maybe up to 12 episodes but half of that. I can see why the writers tried to rush all storylines and get the series done.

Our Thoughts 


  • Found Eve
    • I was happy the family was reunited as Eve just showed up at a tree Gavin and her used to go when they were dating. I would have thought of something dramatic and action filled scene to find and save Eve though, but she is back and alive with the family.


  • Rushed Story
    • In this season, lot of previous storylines that they had been working on was rushed to the point where one scene was needed to finish it. Many of those stories were done by that scene that made it confusing to know what happened. I guess I will use my imagination.
  • 6 Episodes
    • I was hoping for more episodes to continue watching the La Brea, but only 6 episodes for this season. I’m like with my Pikachu face saying WWhhhaatttt! I wanted to see more of the show, the characters, and much more.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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