Kung Fu Kickball Xbox Series S Review

Kung Fu Kickball Xbox Series S Review

We are huge fans of Kung Fu fighting through movies, literature and art. We were shown a game called Kung Fu Kickball that mixes Kung Fu fighting with the wonderful hardcore gaming of kickball. I didn’t think twice about it but I gave it a shot. Well that game turned into my latest addiction! The game is filled with various stages that have you playing against another kung fu player that is fighting to score a goal on your side. You must master the moves in order to beat them into submission or score the most points. I prefer the score the most points part haha as you can’t beat them into submission but those kicks to the face are wild.

We played this game on my Xbox Series S console. The game ran very smoothly, music came out well, and the art was fantastic. The 8 bit art from the game looked very well on my next gen Xbox and digged it hard. I only played one player but there is a 2 player action as well. There is option for online multiplayer but haven’t touch that yet. I stuck to arcade and completed the apprentice part of the game.

Here is our review:


  • Stages
    • I have to say I am very impressed with the level of stages in this game. Some are quite difficult so it would take time to learn and master the stage, but rest are just as fun. I have to say the stages were my favorite part of the game as my skill level increased by just learning how to kick the ball in certain ways.
  • Music
    • The various type of music for each stage was also a stand out for me. While I was playing the game, I would get lost in the music. I would start to hum and get distracted (I know), but it was just so fun and big part of the game.
  • Fun Factor
    • The game was so much fun! I was able to stream the game on Twitch and I planned to only play for just 20 minutes but played for nearly an hour. I completed the apprentice part and went on to teacher and stopped there.  The old man is tough in his stage…I will only say that lol.


Controls: Yes, I know I’m a button masher but at the same time, I made so many mistakes losing due to making my own goal. I know this shouldn’t really be a con per se but learning the controls took some time.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Buy Kung Fu Kickball on Xbox here: https://www.xbox.com/en-us/games/store/kungfu-kickball/9n6b2hb2c9xw