Kizik Female Shoes Product Review

Kizik Female Shoes Product Review

While I was in Las Vegas attending CES 2023, I saw this one company there that had everyone’s attention. Kizik had a line of shoes where people can put on without using your hands. I was like, “No way,” but still attempted to try it out without my hands. My feet slipped into the shoes very well and fit extremely well in my feet like I had tightened them myself.

I was able to get a pair as a sample to review on Drop The Spotlight website and wear around home. I had to admit, I was a bit worried on how fashionable the pair of shoes would look in my outfits, but they looked so well when I actually wore them going out. The shoes felt so comfortable when I was walking around the mall shopping. They are so cute with designs and also looks very fashionable for those late night hangouts with the girls.

Here is our review:


  • Easy to put on
    • During CES 2023, I was able to try a regular Kizik shoe they had at their booth and was astonished on how comfortable and easy to put on that shoe. Well, when they sent the sample for review, I was hoping it would be as close as the same feeling of the shoe I tried in Las Vegas. I have to admit that the Athens Black shoe not only had the same comfortable feeling but felt even more better to wear than the shoe I had tried in Las Vegas. This past week, I have been slipping my feet inside the shoes with ease and walking all day long with my feet not hurting at all. The ease for putting on the shoes makes it easier to juggle what I have in my hands and save time for my mornings.
  • Cute Designs
    • I noticed that the shoes have a cute design towards the heel of the shoe. I thought it looks nice for the nice and helps makes the focus on the pair of shoes instead of one spot. I looked through the Kizik’s website and saw many cute designs on different shoes. There are so many pairs I would love to own just because its look so cute.
  • Fashionable
    • The pair of Kizik shoe’s I got as a sample is a welcome addition to my outfits for going out to dinner or attending a show at the theater. They are very fashionable and would make an outfit me feel so sexy and extravagant. I was able to go out with some friends to catch up and get some drinks and they looked so cute with my outfit.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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