Kingston FURY Renegade PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD 1TB Review

As a gamer, we look at the tools we need to make sure our gaming experience is memorable. We want to make sure our games are played on either our consoles or PCs to the best of their abilities. Kingston has a new SSD that will make sure your console or PC runs super fast and with enough space to play today’s video games. The new drive is called Kingston FURY Renegade PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD!

We were able to get a review sample of the new Kingston Fury Renegade 1TB SSD drive from Kingston. Once we received it, we marched to Frank’s PS5 and put this puppy to good use. We unboxed and installed the Kingston Fury Renegade to Frank’s PS5 and started to use his console. We downloaded a few games and tried them out using the SSD.

Here is our review:

PlayStation 5 Install and Unboxing


  • Fast
    • When I asked Frank, “How fast is the Kingston Fury on your PS5?” His reply, “DUUUDDEEE!!!” Enough said! As gamers, we know speed is key for games either on console or PC. We make sure to get the best hardware for our games to play at the best as they should. With the Kingston Fury Renegade SSD on Frank’s PS5, we noticed games ran faster and with ease while we were there. We played the new Hitman of course for a bit and then played PUBG and noticed how well the PS5 ran with that SSD. A fantastic choice for gamers to make sure their games are played smooth and without trouble.
  • Spacious
    • Bigger is better! Always have been and always will be! The 1TB Kingston Fury Renegade is a good size but rather would have utilized the 4TB size. Either way, the additional space provided us with more games to download to Frank’s PS5 as well as try them from the drive itself. Digital games are getting bigger and bigger each year and with space limited, we need a drive that is fast yet spacious. The Kingston Fury Renegade SSD covers that and goes up to 4TB in space for gamers!
  • PS5 Ready
    • When we say plug n play, we pretty much mean it. Frank was able to install the Kingston Fury Renegade with ease that anyone can do it. Once installed, he turned on his PS5 and the SSD showed up there ready to use. The video above shows how Frank installed it on PS5 with such ease.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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