Jupiter’s Legacy Netflix Show Review

Jupiter’s Legacy is a show that super hero fans like myself have been waiting for! A truly in-depth superhero show that goes beyond the cape and tights but to situations that look beyond of how we see superheroes and their off screen characters portray. You see how the sacrifices these hero’s make that affects their future through their children and country. While that is happening, we are taken through a journey of how these superheroes first get their power.

I was hesitant to check this show out as I didn’t see many people online talking about it. Today, I decided to take the plunge and watch the first season or Volume 1 today on Netflix. Man oh man! Should have done this earlier! A fantastic show that will have you wanting more and more! I didn’t expect myself to be engulfed with this show and see a different side of superheroes, their families and their creed and how small things can affect their future in the long run!

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • The story shows a few children playing and when one got angry, uses her power to get her point across to the other children. Then her father, Utopian Man, comes in and talks to the children on why not to do that. Then off he goes to save the day while his children were hoping to have some ice cream afterwards. Hits the nail on the theme here as Sheldon and his friends are superheroes that save the world over and over again. Now they are aged and passing the torches to their children but the situations that happened during childhood affects their adulthood choices and are at odds with each other. Then with the circling of how Sheldon and his group got their power that started off during the Stock Market Crash of 1929 is just so unique and fascinating.
  • The Trials
    • I loved how the tests Sheldon had to go through in order to be worthy of the power he and his friends were bestowed. The travel to Kansas and meeting that old man really solidified his stance on the situation and helped him get a crew to Morocco. Every step of the way, while battling the images of his dead father in his head, he fought his way to that mysterious island to find the mystery. He had to convince his circle of friends to accompany him on this journey and it was hard for him. I enjoyed watching what he had to sacrifice in order to land on his two feet and I felt made him a better person.
  • Struggle of Power
    • I watched the struggle of power throughout the series between Sheldon and his brother and his best friend George. You can see how they wanted more power throughout the various degrees of the story while Sheldon wanted them to stay inline and holding up the code. I felt this was powerful as he is struggling in that same degree with his son as he wants to do more with his father but you can tell he is holding him down. I don’t think it was because of the code but for more control of the situation.


  • More of the Past Story
    • I loved how they covered in the beginning where lot of the trauma started for them for example: during the crash of the stock market. The look in that history with them trying to find themselves is excellent! I know they talked a bit about the holocaust as well as other situations that they had watched and seen in their lifetime. I would have loved to see more of that to add into the story of their past and how it shaped them in their future. I felt lot of that would be more helpful on they see themselves now and don’t want repeating.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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