JOYNER – “Ted Lasso” Single Review

JOYNER – “Ted Lasso” Single Review

Indie pop duo, JOYNER, comprising sisters Summer and Torrey Joyner, convey their deep emotions of grief and loss on their new single, “Ted Lasso.” Named after the popular TV series that the sisters would turn to for comfort after the loss of their mother, the simply built yet entrancing track serves as a deeply personal and captivating tribute full of honesty and vulnerability.

The track features multiple loops of delicate production, placed behind the sisters’ enhanced autotuned vocals. This autotuning isn’t intended to hide the emotion of the vocals; rather, it serves to intensify the profound emotional connection with the listener. With lyrics such as “Holding my breath doesn’t put more air in your lungs,” the duo doesn’t shy away from confronting their raw feelings of grief. Instead, they courageously use them to create a song to share their personal journey and to pay a loving tribute to their late mother.

You can check out “Ted Lasso,” streaming now on all major platforms as well as its accompanying music video.

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