JOV – Breath Reprise Music Review

JOV – Breath Reprise Music Review

JOV brings out a song where you take your challenging situations and just stop and literally take a breath. The song showcases a story of the challenges we encounter daily and the times we need to stop and take that breath to see what we have in life.

JOV musical beat to the song reminds me of an old school 90’s beat taken and rearranged to flow like a beat from the year 2016. I totally agree with the beat and the systematic flow the beat creates for the song to excel through the lyrics.

Lyrically this song is great; I enjoyed the lyrics and listening as JOV explaining the story of our challenges and how to handle them.

Go ahead and listen to the song, dream of your challenges that are bothering you today and just breath and take time to enjoy what is around you just like what JOV says.

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