Jooki CES 2022 Review

Jooki CES 2022 Review

CES 2022 provided new cutting edge technology for consumers that will take our society to the future. One company is showcasing a product that will not only enhance the learning experience for your children but take them away from the screen filled use of their tablets.

Welcome to Jooki!

Jooki is a screen free WIFI enabled wireless speaker built for children! The speaker is built with various colors, light weight, and wireless. They are the winner of the CES 2022 Innovation award in this years CES! So we dug deeper with Jooki and had our children use the product. We did a review below of what we enjoyed and experience of the product.

here is the review:


  • Screen Free
    • My children are enjoying Jooki and learning so much through the screen free product. What makes Jooki amazing is that my children are building their minds by listening stories on the speaker or listening to a book. This way they are interacting with each other with laughter or happiness while enjoying the story being told. Their imagination went wild in the stories as they were trying to figure out who the hero of the story is and looks like.
  • Tokens
    • This piece of tech fascinates me big time! As a parent, its hard to find something for our children to use that not only builds their memory but also give them a learning experience. The tokens are reprogrammable that connect to the Jooki and plays what ever was programmed on them. I can use the green one for books and the orange one for fun music. All programmed through the app and Spotify. The colors of the tokens also help my children’s brain grow as they were able to know which provided which for them to enjoy.
  • Spotify
    • Many people think Spotify is used for podcasts and music but don’t know it can be used for more. There are ton of books on Spotify that can be read to you while you listen. This is perfect for children that want to hear more about their favorite story or discover a book where they will fall in love with.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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