Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Jelly Comb Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a product out there that many people over look these days. Some people today want keyboards that have mechanical keys that are interchangeable while showcasing some pimped out lighting sequences. Well that would be good for them, but for other people, we don’t really need or want those kind of keyboards. We like to use our keyboards and mice in a way that will make work fast and with ease. Jelly Comb heard our call to that situation and have a product that will fulfill your duties of computer usage. We were able to get our hands on their latest product to see how it will feel under our hands.

Here is our review: 


  • Quiet Keys:
    • I wake up every morning at 6am to start doing my articles so I would have to go to the living room to be quiet. I know my kids are still asleep until their alarm goes off so this keyboard is extra quiet while I type. Many people these days want those mechanical keyboards that make those astonishing loud noise, well this keyboard isn’t loud at all which I know will help prevent headaches.
  • Waterproof:
    • I drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day while also drinking a ton of water. My fingers at times do have condensation which could leak liquid into my keyboard. One time, I had accidently dropped water onto my keyboard and literally ruined all the keys. This keyboard is water proof that will help protect your keyboard from any mishaps.
  • One Micro USB Receiver:
    • This part of the combo has me all giddy! The one micro wireless USB port works for both the keyboard and the mouse. You don’t have to get any software or pairing or etc. These both work out of the boat once you plug the micro USB receiver into your USB slot.


  • Not Rechargeable:
    • In this day and age, we recharge everything with a place to plug it in. The keyboard and mouse do require batteries which I would need to replace every so often. This is my only con for this product as everything I mostly own has its own rechargeable port.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

With space being confined, I needed a product where wires wouldn’t be everywhere and tangled. Jelly Comb has a keyboard and mouse combo that will not only secure your space but give a next generation attitude. You will only need to use one micro USB receiver for both products, this is waterproof, and the keys pushed are quiet. You need to replace the batteries for both the mouse and keyboard every so often. Either way, this combo is something I have needed for a long time. I need something that doesn’t restrict my area with limited space due to wire length or poor reception. This combo should be in every business managers office!

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