[Tokyo, Japan | May 13, 2024] After captivating audiences on their sold-out tour in Japan, Travis Japan are set to embark on a journey to enchant global fans with their high energy performances. The dynamic J-Pop boy band have announced select dates including Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York City, as part of their much buzzed about World Tour in support of their album ‘Road To A’. More information and tickets can be found HERE.

On this tour Travis Japan shared, “We are happy and grateful that one of our dreams, embarking on a world tour, is coming true. With ‘Japan’ deeply marked on our group’s name and the unwavering support from everyone in our hearts, we are ready to share our unique brand of entertainment with the world!”

Of coming back to perform in the United States they added, “We are thrilled to be performing in three cities across the US. Though entertainment is born and raised differently there, this tour presents an exciting opportunity to explore how we can connect through our expressions. These cities are also where we honed our skills before our major debut. On stage, we aim to showcase how we have evolved since then. We look forward to returning as an even bigger version of ourselves for our loyal supporters.”

Adding to the excitement, soon Travis Japan will be treating fans to a new single, “Sweetest Tune,” set to drop on June 10th via Universal Music Japan/Capitol Records. The new song, marking the fifth single from the group, is featured in the Japanese drama Tokyo Tower, starring Travis Japan member Genta Matsuda, further showcasing the band’s versatility. A pre-save for the single will be live May 15th and can be found via their website HERE.

Named in homage to the renowned American choreographer Travis Payne (Michael Jackson’s This is It, Lady Gaga’s The Monster Ball Tour, etc.) Travis Japan has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The group has drawn acclaim for its captivating, syncopated dance moves and catchy pop music stylings, and in March of 2022 headed to Los Angeles. Their journey from World of Dance to America’s Got Talent, combined with their superb skills as performers, caught the attention of Capitol Records and UMG, and the decision was made to sign and release their music globally. The 7-member J-Pop idol unit made a statement with their debut single “JUST DANCE!”, surpassing 10 million video views and launching to No.5 on Billboard Global chart (excluding US), which made the group the first Japanese act to break into the top five with a debut single since the chart’s inception.

At the top of 2024, Travis Japan hit the road for their nationwide arena tour in Japan, “Travis Japan Concert Tour 2024 Road to Authenticity”, in support of their debut album. Captivating over 300,000 fans along the way, now they are ready to embark on the first world tour and have no intention of slowing down.


Sept 3 – Zepp New Taipei – Taipei

Sept 4 – Zepp New Taipei – Taipei

Sept 12 – Kitty Woo Stadium, Tung Po – Hong Kong

Sept 14 – Union Hall, Hall 1 – Bangkok

Oct 10 – The Neptune Theater – Seattle, WA

Oct 14 – El Rey Theater – Los Angeles, CA

Oct 16 – Sony Hall – New York, NY


As the saying goes, the whole proves greater than the sum of its parts. Travis Japan unites seven distinct personalities and their talents to power one global vision. The group, consisting of Chaka, Umi, Shime, Noel, Shizu, Genta, and Machu, hails from Japan and collectively exudes an excitement and energy with the potential to bring the world to its feet. After making international waves at the World of Dance Championships and on America’s Got Talent, attracting a rabidly devoted fanbase along the way, they formally introduce themselves with a series of singles and their forthcoming debut with Capitol Records.

Over the course of a quiet grind, Travis Japan have defined their sound and style. Originally brought together as children in 2012, the group has rallied around the mission “to deliver Japan to the world,” and in 2019 the group launched their popular TORA JA -NINJAPAN- song and dance showcase followed by a string of solo performances culminating in Travis Japan’s 2021 IMAGE NATION live tour at sold-out arenas across 12 major cities.

At the start of 2022, the group touched down in Los Angeles on a journey to expand their horizons and train with world-renown vocal coaches and choreographers. Almost immediately, Travis Japan placed third at the World of Dance Orange County competition, riding a wave of momentum that not only carried them onto the circuit’s international championships but also Season 17 of America’s Got Talent, where they incited a standing ovation for original song “My Dreamy Hollywood” and a spot in the semi-finals. In the wake of this unprecedented success, they caught the attention of Capitol Records and signed to the label in the fall.

Their singular personalities give Travis Japan multiple dimensions. As the oldest, Noel not only handles music production, excels at acrobatics, and possesses incredible vocal range, but he even schedules sessions and rehearsals. “He’s smart,” adds Genta. “He has at least ten professional certifications and has studied Chinese and sign language in addition to English.” Providing a creative element, Machu pens lyrics, runs the group’s Instagram, plays guitar, and loves fashion. “He’s also the shortest of the group,” laughs Noel. As the youngest member, Genta inspires an upbeat sense of positivity and digs soccer and acting. “He’s the energizer of the group—he keeps our vibes up and adds a certain sexiness to the performance,” says Machu. Then, there’s Shime. He serves as one of their regular choreographers and rocks a deep voice. “He has this unique calmness,” observes Genta. Tall and athletic, Shizu assists in choreography and “holds us together from the back,” according to Noel. Meanwhile, Umi runs the YouTube channel and is impressive at hip-hop dance. “He has so many ideas,” Shime goes on. Finally, as the leader of the group, Chaka takes charge with a guiding hand. “He always senses our feelings and makes us who we are,” Genta continues.

With such variety, every member of Travis Japan shines on the group’s introductory single “JUST DANCE!” This high-energy anthem builds towards an instantly infectious and irresistible refrain, trumpeting their mission statement as loudly and boldly as possible.

With more music and shows on the horizon, Travis Japan will make you want to dance, sing, and, of course, smile.


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