Italy’s THE PEAWEES Drop Advance Soul-Driven Garage Rock Single “Banana Tree”
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Italy’s THE PEAWEES Drop Advance Soul-Driven Garage Rock Single “Banana Tree”

The Peawees have just announced their latest LP One Ride with an advance single for the track “Banana Tree”. The new album will appear worldwide on digital and vinyl formats via Wild Honey Records on September 6th, 2024 with exclusive license to Folc Records in Spain and Spaghetty Town Records in North America. Formed in 1995 in the small Italian military town of La Spezia by three teenagers led by Hervé Peroncini, The Peawees have spent over 25 years crafting their unique blend of Punk Rock infused with R’n’B, Roots Rock, Soul, and Garage influences. Their extensive career includes six albums, numerous singles, and tours across the globe, sharing stages with iconic bands like The Sonics, Detroit Cobras, The Fleshtones, The Damned, The Hellacopters, and Radio Birdman. Known for their explosive live performances, the current lineup features Hervé Peroncini on vocals and lead guitar, drummer Tommy Gonzalez, guitarist Dario Persi, and bassist Fabio Clemente. The Peawees’ dynamic sound is sure to please fans of The Saints, The Clash, and Reigning Sound as well as the aforementioned bands that they have performed with. 


“Banana Tree,” a soul-inspired garage rocker, is based on the true story of a convicted felon who escaped to the Canary Islands to start a new life working in a banana field, only to be eventually tracked down by authorities. Hervé Peroncini found inspiration for the song during the pandemic while in Tenerife, where he bought a guitar for 30 euros and wrote much of the band’s upcoming album “One Ride.” “During the pandemic, I was stuck in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. While I was there, I bought a guitar from an Egyptian guy for 30 euros to pass the time, and that’s where I wrote most of our new album,” Peroncini recalls. “I heard about a criminal who had fled Italy and come to the islands to start a new life—a plan gone wrong. It was the story that inspired me to write ‘Banana Tree.'”


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The creative process behind “Banana Tree” began in an impromptu session in Alicante, where the band first arranged the song. Drummer Tommy Gonzalez reflects, “We had a lazy day off in Alicante shortly after COVID restrictions had been lifted. We stayed at a cool house with a pool. The house was under construction, and I was drinking a beer on a spare toilet that was sitting in the middle of the garden. Herve called us in to hear a new song, and we started arranging it on the couch. I was tapping the beat on my shoe with my sticks and the guys were playing along unplugged. It was our first try at ‘Banana Tree,’ but by the time we got to our next sound check, it was all we wanted to play.” Produced by Hervé Peroncini, Brown Barcella, and Alessio Lonati, “Banana Tree” is a testament to the band’s ability to blend raw energy with compelling storytelling. The B-side of the release will feature “Don’t Look Back,” originally by Billy Vera.


The release of “Banana Tree” is a prelude to The Peawees’ much-anticipated seventh album, “One Ride,” set to drop on September 6, 2024. This album will be preceded by five singles, including “The Wolf,” “Plastic Bullets,” “Lost In The Middle,” “Banana Tree,” and “You’ll Never Be Mine Again,” which features Mary from Detroit Cobras on guitar. Following a spring tour in Spain with The Hellacopters, The Peawees will kick off their international tour in Spain on September 7, 2024. With accolades from Real Gone, Fear And Loathing, Freim TV, R+, and El Sotano Radio 3, The Peawees continue to be recognized as one of the best rock ‘n’ roll bands in Europe, pushing the boundaries of the genre while staying true to their punk rock roots.






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