Interview with Young Mommy

Interview with Young Mommy

Today, we were able to sit down with the devoted mother and talented hip hop musician Young Mommy. Young Mommy is an innovator that has launched a rap revolution through her movement of “Clean Rap.” Young Mommy has brought into focus that music doesn’t need vulgar language to be showcased to the masses. This gifted musician and mother of 4, is currently shifting the landscape of music that is currently being enjoy by parents and children together.

We talked to Young Mommy about her musical career, advice for young mothers that would like to follow her footsteps, and much more! Be sure to check out Young Mommy’s new music video for Swanky Ma below after the interview on Youtube!


How did you become Young Mommy?


I realized after having 2 of my 4 kids ten years ago that, sadly, I couldn’t safely listen to rap music with them around. They would repeat certain lyrics or ask what certain words meant for adults meant. The messages aren’t aimed at kids and I didn’t want them exposed to concepts that involved drinking, drugs, guns and sex. One day one of my kids came into the kitchen at age 3 or 4 wearing a scarf around her chest saying she was a rapper she saw on YouTube. I realized I needed to do something so I decided to be the change I wanted to see and give my kids and anyone who wanted a cuss-free rap experience an alternative. That’s when my mom rapper persona was born (at the time I was World Hip Hop Mom, then Mommy Rapper and now Young Mommy)!


How has the response been either from your children or other mothers with your take on rap music?


I often hear from women and other moms who see me following my dreams how inspirational I am. Kids love that I’m a rapper and my 2 younger kids know all the words to my songs. I am so lucky I get to follow my dream of being a clean rapper. Some people don’t know what to say when they find out I’m a rapper with a clean rap mission but that’s okay because not everyone is going to get it or see the need for what I’m doing. Some people on social media who come across my videos say I should just turn off rap music and don’t listen to it. It’s mostly people without kids who say that and what does that leave me to listen to?


Swanky Ma is your newest track which we have been jamming to nonstop, we have to know this: what inspired you to write the track?

Oh wow thank you!! Well I love to write empowering and inspirational tracks that uplift women and mothers. I want to show the world that moms can still be beautiful and amazing and take care of themselves even after having kids. I wanted to write a song with a strong message that moms are beautiful and powerful, we just don’t always believe it. The word swanky just came to me! It’s a great word that sums up my message in a unique and memorable way.


How much fun did you have while filming the Swanky Ma music video?


Oh my gosh it was amazing! I planned it out weeks before… the outfits, the hair, the scenes. My kids and hubby were good sports as they always are.  I had my fam help out with a few scenes and the dancers came together a week before. I love being on camera rapping. The videographer got my vision and added his own flavor. Overall a memorable experience and it turned out amazing!


Any funny stories you have from being in the studio that you can talk about?


I don’t have funny stories as much as I do challenging ones. It is really hard being a high achiever and hearing my voice after recording. It takes many, many takes for me to get comfortable and find the right tone and swag I’m going for. I usually go with lots of tea and lozenges as my throat can get really dry from all the takes! My husband Sean usually comes with me and offers the reassurance and guidance that it sounds awesome and not to worry!


While we are talking a bit about the studio, will there be an announcement for an EP or Album coming soon?


I am dropping my third single this July 1st on Canada Day! It will be an awesome summer anthem people can blast in the car or at the beach, pool or BBQs. I am hoping to connect with a label and management team in the coming months to create more music so stay tuned! Up until this point everything I have recorded is 100% independent without a producer so I think it’s time for that now that I have seen great success with my first 2 singles.


What advice would you want to give to young mothers that want to join your revolution to create their own music of clean rap?


Oh my gosh that would be awesome! I encourage any woman and mother to follow their dreams and if they feel called to create clean rap songs too then go for it! The more people and artists who record clean rap, the more options our kids and people looking for a non-explicit rap experience will have.


Where can our fans find you on social media?

I go by Young Mommy on all streaming platforms and by @youngmommymusic on all social media! My web site is

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