Interview with Michael Webster

Interview with Michael Webster

Here is an interview with Michael Webster:


When did you first realise that playing music was a path that you really wanted to follow?


When I was living in Scotland, in my spare time to take a break from work I’d just write songs, come up with little chord progressions and learn covers – mostly Bob Dylan and Neil Young! It was then when I began to think about starting music properly; I’ve played guitar all my life, since a very young age but only really found solace in it when I was in a rut with what to do with my life. There’s been a lot of stuff happen since then, but it’s all come together, putting on great shows, performing to lovely audiences and making music with people.


What are some of your favourite memories from playing live?


My EP launch back in December 2022 was a real highlight for me – performing to not only an incredible audience but a bunch of my friends too; having people sing along to each track, people requesting songs – it was an incredible experience. Another one would definitely be the release of the album I worked on with Anyone’s Ghost, in July 2023 – where we had nearly 100 people come down to support us.. surreal!


What do you want your latest material to do for the representation of Michael Webster!?


My latest EP “a northern perspective” is a real insight into me as a person, really. Each song is based on my own personal experiences, and my opinions – there’s so many little references throughout each track to things I enjoy, music I like, things that I’ve done and places that I’ve been. I have a lot of fun playing these tracks and I’m super glad that so many people have listened to them.


Can you tell us more about your latest music, and what tracks you’d recommend?


I spoke about a bit in the previous questions, but my EP “a northern perspective” came out in December 2022 – I coin it as ‘folk-grunge’, taking from my inspirations – it’s very much a mixed bag of genres, with some tracks more indie-rock, some more heavy and some more singer-songwriter, focused on lyricism – it’s a real collection of experiences I’ve had over the past few years. I think the two singles “future sight” and “waterlines” are ones to listen to for a brief introduction to my music!


What’s been the most rewarding moment for you as a musician thus far?


I’m at a point where I’m able to self-sustain myself from music – ever since being able to do that, every day is rewarding. I’m in a few different projects, I’ve been producing music for acts, I put on lovely gigs each week – it’s fantastic to be in this position!


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