Interview with CW Pandora show Creator, Executive Producer, and Showrunner Mark A. Altman

The CW hit show Pandora is making waves around the world as everyone are watching the show to figure out what will happen next. With the two part ending for Season 2, many questions are arising on how the team will handle those mysterious aliens. Today, we were able to talk a bit with Showrunner, Executive Producer and Creator Mark A. Altman about Season 2.

Here is the interview:

What was your favorite episode in Season 2? 

>>> Good question. Overall, I’m very pleased with the second season. I think I’d have to say my favorite though was 205, “On A Night Like This,” in which Jax meets the Sumi Princess Aleka, played beautifully by Elizabeth Hammerton, and Xander and Jett find Greg and Ralen on Las Venus. It’s always such a joy to have John Harlan Kim back with us. I’m also a big fan of our second episode and the two-part season finale which airs this week. The western (206) was also super fun to do.


Since Jax is shown doing missions for the academy, do you believe this was helping her learn more about herself?

> Jax is still young and she’s constantly learning more about herself. She’s on a journey of exploration, both inside and out. I think she’s changed a lot since the first season, which is now available on Amazon Prime commercial free in 4K. Jax is more comfortable in her own skin this year and with her relationship with Xander. And I think in the finale we see her face the issues she’s been struggling with all season in a big way.


Was there any disruption of filming due to the pandemic?

>>> It was incredibly challenging. We had delays in shooting the season and had very little time to film and deliver the show for broadcast which was tough in post, especially with all our visual effects. Thankfully, no one got sick and our safety protocols worked and we produced a great season of television in the midst of this horrible pandemic.

Which character you felt grew the most from Season 1 to Season 2?

>>> No question it’s Jett. We really loved what Akshay did in Season One and knew we wanted to bring him back, and his performance this season exceeded all our aspirations for the character. What appears to simply be the comic relief turns out to be one of the most significant and heartfelt characters in the ensemble. And Akshay was a joy to work with throughout. I think you could also make a case for Xander and how much he’s changed and is more comfortable with his role, now as Captain of the Dauntless as he embraces his responsibilities as a leader.

What can fans expect for the season finale?

> I’m so excited about the season finale! It wraps up a lot of questions we put into motion in season one and two, but also opens some new threads so I think it will be very exciting for viewers. They’ll get a lot of answers they’ve been craving. The final two episodes of the season give us a big tapestry as well as many great performances. We did something we always loved to do on The Librarians, which is to have a lot of the previous season’s storylines pay off in the season finale. It really is a powerful episode and I’m hoping we get to do it again next year. If you’re a fan, we urge you to support the show by watching and checking out the episodes 24/7 on the CW App, and letting the CW know you want to see a third season of Pandora!

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