Interview with Clarence Oddbody

Interview with Clarence Oddbody

Today, we sat down with the band Clarence Oddbody to talk inspiration for music, hero they looked up to and much more! Be sure to check out their music below after the interview on Spotify!


What is your inspiration to write your music? Is it your



It could be a film, Book or a conversation I over heard.

(mostly on the tube listening to peoples conversations.)

I write lyrics everyday whether it’s a line, paragraph or 10 pages.

And I play everyday as well

So am always thinking ahead.

I just want to keep writing songs better than the ones Before.



What type of music did you listen to growing up?


Everything from early Rock’n’Roll, Country, Jazz, Big Band Stuff, 50’s & 60’s Pop, Motown  and Glam Rock.


Being from Liverpool,

music and The Beatles got drummed into at early age.

My Dad saw The Beatles over 70 times he was a Mod but had to keep his love for Rock to himself.

So he secretly loved Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Elvis and The Beatles but at the same time he was a huge Motown fan.


My Mum loves Bob Dylan, Bowie and County music like: Hank Williams, Willie Nelson and Americana stuff like Bread, American and The Eagles.


But my Nan & Grandad on both side were fans of Jazz and Big Band/Swing.

Frank Sinatra/Sammy Davies JR/Miles Davies/ Billie Hoilday/Nina Simone/Glen Miller


So I had a great head start getting amazing music drummed in to me at an early age.




Is there someone you looked up as a hero?


Darren ‘ Wiz ‘ Brown

He was the lead singer/guitarist and song writer of the indie Punk band :Mega City Four


When I start to sing and write lyrics the we’re a huge influence on me(they still are).

I was in and out of bands from 11 till 15 as a bass player and Lead Guitarist.

I was always being let down by so called singers, so I thought it’s easier if I just sing.

I remember one night turning on the radio to listen to John Peel back in 1990 and hearing their new song Finish.

It was a light bulb moment hearing the tune and melody but the lyrics stood out to me as well-

Taken from the song Finish by Mega City Four


I was born with nothing

and now I’ve even less

the only things I’ll leave behind

are pain and bitterness.


That’s the lines that really stood out to me.

I got to see and meet them a few times in the early 90’s.

And there second album “Who Cares Wins”

Is a masterpiece.

They were together from 1986 till 1996

Sadly Wiz died in 2006 he had just finished a American tour with his new band ipanema

He was giggling right up until the end.



If you weren’t a musician, would you be doing today?


If I didn’t get into music Art is a big part of my life.

I probably would be a skint artist trying to earn a living.

Either way am still a skint artist.



What advice do you have for our fans out there that want to create



Rehearse Rehearse and Rehearse.

And don’t worry if things go wrong at gigs.

Believe in yourself because no one else will.

Open mic nights are a great way to test the water with new songs.

Just get out there and gig.

Good Luck….and Rock a Fat One!