Hill Country Comic Convention Review

Hill Country Comic Convention is a small Convention new New Braunfels, TX which is nestled
between San Antonio, TX to the SW, and Austin, TX to the NE. It was held in the New Braunfels Civic
and Convention Center.

Here is my review.

The Hill Country Comic Con was a fun little convention with great celebrity guests from different
genres of entertainment from animated to live action, and even sports! They were able to bring in five of
the voice actros from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series which was a huge draw,
and brought people from all over. Cam Clarke(Leonardo), Rob Paulsen(Raphael),Townsend
Coleman(Michelanglo), Barry Gordan(Donatello), and Renae Jacobs(April O’Neill) were very popular at
the convention. Just to name a few more guests include John Morris from Toy Story, Burton
Gilliam(Blazing Saddles) Donnie Dunagan(Bambi), Maurice LaMarche(Pinky and the Brain), and more!

The Pros of this Convention that this gets to bring attention not only to Hill Country but all of New
Braunfels itself. It brings in people from all over, and helps the local economy of the area. The
connections they have for the guests that they can bring is great, and the whole staff was very helpful. I
really hope that this convention continues to bring in people every year. The venue it was held at is
really easy to find, and is not very far from the hotels, and stores in the area.

The Cons of this convention is the venue it’s a small venue with not very much space so it makes
it hard to move around with a lot of attendees inside. Day one they had to have some attendees wait
outside until some of the other attendees left because it got filled to compacity really fast! No real true
line organization because of the lack of room but they did aleviate it the next day by giving out numbers,
and announcing the numbers in sets of ten so the attendees can get in line for the turtle voice actors.
The lines formed for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle voice actors were long, and interfering with the
tables of the other celebrity guests that were on the same side as the voice actors. This made their
tables really hard to get to, and drew attention away from them.

In conclusion Hill Country Comic Convention is a great convention with pros and cons that kind of
balance out. They can only improve from here, and I hope this convention can stay in New Braunfels to
bring in more guests from outside the area, and help the local economy grow even more!