HideIt Mount (Ps4Pro Mount) Review

HideIt Mount (Ps4Pro Mount) Review

We had received this special gift from our friends HideIt Mounts for our Ps4Pro and I can say right of the back that I am very impressed! There products live up to their reputation as the easiest mounts to set-up.  

The unboxing for this product, they send you all the screws and installation information and they have such a  wide selection of different mounts for your needs. Mounts for gaming consoles, internet routers, Apple Tv devices, and so much more. If you worried about shipping, well anything over $35 allows you to receive free shipping.  

The installation for the mount was the easiest set-up I have ever had to do. If you are worried if the mount will be able to hold up, this specific mount is about to hold up to 25lbs by itself. It literally took no time at all to get my Ps4Pro mounted on the wall behind my TV.  

I personally recommend this product for anyone is looking for an easy mount for your consoles or other electronic devices to be hidden or mounted against the wall. This had to be the best experience in delivery and set-up I have ever had when I wanted to mount something in my own home.  

All links for this products and others will be down below. Also, I would like to thank HideIt Mounts one more time for allowing us to have the opportunity into reviewing their products. Until next time DTS family, We Will See You At The Cons! 

HideIt Website: https://hideitmounts.com/

Ps4Pro Mount: https://hideitmounts.com/collections/playstation/products/gaming_playstation_ps4_pro_wall_mount_hideit_4p

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