Heroes and Fantasies At City Base Location

When you head to City Base Cinema, you are there to enjoy a movie and eat some popcorn. You now have an alternative choice do some shopping before the movie starts and get some collectibles. Heroes and Fantasies is a San Antonio institution for fans of pop culture. They have everything from statues to comics to collectibles. They have there main store on 410 and have a second store in the Converse area. They have a store now inside City Base Cinema in the Southside. We took a peak at what they have there!

When you enter City Base, you look to your left and see a section of the area dedicated to Heroes and Fantasies. You walk in and see the goodies they are bound to have. They have comics, pops, figures, posters, and much more! The area maybe small but its packed to the rim with collectibles for all ages. You are just stunned at what you see when you are in there.

We saw that they had rows and rows of pops in the store. We saw a few that we had to get in our collection and of course we got them. Fans of Funko can come out and get a pop and then see a movie as well. Double fun!

Here is my family enjoying their time at Heroes and Fantasies City Base location. They loved looking through everything and being wowed by the items displayed. After a good movie, people have the choice to come and check out Heroes and Fantasies. You can possibly find an item that you have just seen in a movie from the cinema!   What are you waiting for? Come out and have fun!