Hello Kitty and Friends Happiness Parade is a new game for the Nintendo Switch. You play as Hello Kitty and a select group of friends to bring happiness to everyone in various levels. You unlock different friends later on in the game, which will help spread happiness to all living in Sanrio. Did I mention dancing? You dance along with Hello Kitty utilizing the joy cons of the game to get items, avoid traps, and more.

Caught your attention huh?!

We were able to get a review copy to try the game out on our Nintendo Switch. Of course, I let my children play the game with me as we learned more about Hello Kitty and Friends Happiness Parade game. The game downloaded very fast on our Nintendo Switch and didn’t use much space at all.

Here is our thoughts:


  • Music
    • The music is fantastic in this game as it feels like your at a party when your playing the game. With each step, you have to make sure your in rhythm which had me moving to the music. I had to pay attention and not hit a fence or fall into a hole while moving my characters around. The music is produced very well and its perfect for Hello Kitty. Fans of Hello Kitty will enjoy the music and of course dancing along to the game.
  • Old School Wii Vibes
    • I grew up with the Nintendo Wii, so being able to move around with joy cons to the music was a reminder of those days. My daughter was able to play the game using the joy cons for the dancing and loved it. I explained to her about Nintendo’s console that changed the world and how in that days we would use the joy cons a lot. She was excited to learn about that, but mostly to utilize her character with movement by the joy cons. This brought out more of a fun factor, in my opinion, of playing the game.
  • Hello Kitty
    • Its Hello Kitty duh! What more can you say about that! Game is fantastic and involves Hello Kitty and friends as they spread happiness to everyone around them while collecting items on the way.



Rating: 9 out of 10

Buy here: https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/hello-kitty-and-friends-happiness-parade-switch/