Happy Hour #2 Comic Book Review

Happy Hour #2 Comic Book Review

With a smiling face coming from an unlikely person, Kim and Jerry now have to think of ways to escape the facility. They no longer have their friend Hamm as he was reprogrammed at the readjustment center. So they decide to pretend they are happy so they could escape but that didn’t work. They were taken for a treatment involving Joy Leeches which may have done more damage than they realized. With their ideas dwindling, Kim knew they had no choice. So she did what she knew best…which is Judo. She fought her way out while Jerry tagged along giving her encouragement. This was their best solution which helped them escape and of course flick some pain to those crazy nurse’s.

Kim and Jerry took a vehicle that screams clowns as… it was a clown car. As they journeyed to the south, Jerry remembered about his grandma that doesn’t have much to live. So they decided to take a detour and go visit his grandma. On that journey, that clown car did attract some unwanted attention, and we learned more about what that clown car is used for. That is nuts!!! This added to the story of what else has been happening to make everyone else even more happy.  Eventually, they were able to get to the retirement home to see Jerry’s grandma and it was a welcome they didn’t think would happen. His grandma gave him some advice that I know will rock him to the core!

This issue was very good as the story divulge a little more of the techniques the Joy Police used. You start to see more of a relationship from Kim and Jerry while they were on the road. I think those Joy Leeches may have some small effects that will gradually affect their moods. I’m enjoying this issue and the story that continues to keep on giving!

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(W) Peter Milligan

(A/C) Michael Montenat


Electric Funny Sticks! Bloodsucking Joy Leeches! The cuddly horrors of Puppy Treatment! These and other state-enforced “remedies” for unhappiness drive Jerry and Kim to escape the Readjustment Center in the world’s most depressing clown car! Plus extra prose stories and illustrations.


December 2, 2020