Halo Paramount Plus First Season Review

Paramount Plus with a partnership with 343 Studios and Amblin Studios bring the most storied video game franchise to the television screen. Halo is one of my favorite games that I grew up with, so I was shocked that they were barely making a television show now. I would have thought they would have done this years ago but with the new streaming services out, this was a no brainer. Halo has tons of lore and stories that will have keep audiences attended to their televisions screens while people are looking for that Lan wire to hook up their OG Xbox to! (Dad Joke Alert!)

Anyways, I was able to sit down and binge the first season on Paramount Plus to experience the live action Halo show. I was hooked from each episode showing more of the history of Master Chief, the Covenant, and see some cool action sequences. I’m not going to spoil much of the first season but I know you will enjoy watching the show on Paramount Plus. I would recommend binging this show in one day and be sure to eat some blueberry muffins while you watch! (Inside joke, my friends and I used to play Halo while eating blueberry muffins)

Here is the review


  • Streaming Series
    • I was very excited for the announcement of Halo being a tv streaming series instead of a movie or two. I felt this gave the edge for viewers to see Halo weekly instead of multiple years at a time. The streaming show also gave us a refreshing taste of Halo which came out to viewers as very successful.
  • John 117 Story
    • Everyone who has played Halo is a big Master Chief fan! I know growing up on my friends original Xbox, we would play Halo all the time. The progress of John remembering his past as well as gaining new experiences with the removal of his emotional chip was pretty damn cool. Pablo Schreiber brought a face to the Master Chief character that would provide gamers and viewers an experience to the Halo franchise.
  • The War With The Covenant
    • You will the war with the alien covenant that will have the Spartans battling in some cool action scenes in the show. The show provided memories of playing Halo with friends with various items including the Warthog. Paramount provided gamers pieces of the story from the original Halo franchise while keeping it updated for today’s standards.


  • Kwan Journey
    • I wasn’t a fan of Kwan’s Journey to find out more about her ancestor’s true purpose at Madrigal. I felt it was too much spread out and took away from the later episodes of John’s story with Makee. I did enjoy her destroying Vinsher as I felt he was the perfect villain to the story.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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