Golden Bell Studios Toys and Card Games Review

Golden Bell Studios Toys and Card Games Review

With the bells from New York Comic Con ringing, a brand has caught us off guard. This brand had items where they were catering to our curiosity and inner child. The products they had there at their booth, eclipsed anyone who dare walk by without stopping. We were able to get some of their items to showcase for our Holiday Gift Guide 2019 and with that, here are those items:


Love of a Bingle Lancer

Lil’ Bunny Sue



The Contender

Pretending to Grow up

Movie Buff




We hugged every stuff animal, we tried every card game and then we watched as our children hugged those same stuff animals and we taught our children to play those same games. We were astonished by how much fun we all had by these products from Golden Bell Studios. They are known to showcase a unique character view on products such as their Wargi the Corgi which we thought originally at NYCC he was Marvel Legend Thor. Wargi had his own character with each of us and was hugged mostly by our correspondent Smitten Kitten Cosplay.

When you look at getting your children gifts, be sure they have something from this list by Golden Bell Studios. Your children will love the items they get and when they are not looking, you can dive in and play with the toys that we wanted in our own generation to have had many moons ago.

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