Los Angeles, CA (June 20, 2024) – The leader of the musica Mexicana movement and GRAMMY-Award winning international icon Peso Pluma released his album “ÉXODO,” the follow-up to his critically acclaimed album “GENESIS” which won a GRAMMY for “Best Musica Mexicana Album” earlier this year, today. The 24-track album is divided into two-parts, featuring 16 musica Mexicana songs on Disc 1 and eight Urbano songs on Disc 2, further establishing Peso’s unmatched versatility and natural ability to dominate any genre he touches. “ÉXODO” is now available on all streaming platforms.

With his critically acclaimed album “GENESIS,” Peso Pluma marked the origin of his journey and the story continues in “ÉXODO,” where the world gets an opportunity to see the other side of the coin, a darker, grittier and rawer version of what this phase of life entails. In the biblical book of “ÉXODO,” at God’s command, Moses held his Staff out over the water and water parted, and just as in the book of the bible, Peso is parting the way for the Mexican music revolution.


Staying true to his core, and featuring a plethora of instruments paired with his iconic raspy voice, Disc 1 delivers 16 unrivaled tracks, four of which already landed on the Billboard Hot 100 prior to the album release: “La Durango,” “La People II,” “Rompe La Dompe” and “Bellakeo.” “La Durango” featuring Eslabon Armado and Junior H, which he performed for the first time on TV during his second The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon appearance, is set against the backdrop of tenacity and triumph, showcasing the journey of overcoming obstacles and embracing success. On “Me Activo,” Peso taps his friend and Double P Artist Jasiel Nuñez and newcomer Neton Vega joins him on “La Patrulla,” both recounting the rise to fame and never ending envy. “La People II” featuring Double P Artist Tito Double P and Joel De La P is a follow-up to “La People” from “GENESIS,” and is full of rich colorful trombone notes including an additional instrument – the accordion – which is not a typical instrument featured on his tracks and was only previously integrated into “VVS.” Both portraying a night out, popping bottles, “Sr. Smith” taps Luis R Conriquez and “Rompe La Dompe” taps Junior H and Oscar Maydon. On “Mami” Peso is joined by Chinito Pacas as they jointly describe the perfect woman and on “Belanova” Peso is once again joined by Double P artist Tito Double P. 

Entering with beautiful piano notes, “Bruce Wayne” describes Peso’s new life and its comparison to the life of Bruce Wayne who hardly leaves the house, staying inside to avoid all onlookers, and only stepping out occasionally in the night like a vampire. Meanwhile, “Hollywood” featuring Estevan Plazola, is a reimagined version of Plazola’s 2020 track by the same name and recounts the very relatable highs and lows of stardom. “Reloj” relishes in heartbreak and the memories of a former loved one drawing comparison to the minutes on a watch and featuring Ivan Cornejo. Opening with vintage sound clips of Ric Flair, savory notes of guitar are felt throughout “Ice,” a deep and raw recounting of what it was like to climb to the top and a sweet reminder that there is only one Peso Pluma. On “Solicitado” Peso describes the demand for access to you once you reach fame, while on “Santal 33” featuring Oscar Maydon, Peso incorporates lyrics in French for the first time. On Disc 1′s focus track “Vino Tinto” featuring Natanael Cano and Gabitos Ballesteros, the trio discuss drinking red wine to destress and deal with all of life’s complexities. Tying back to the bible,“14:14,” which states “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still” is the perfect ending to Disc 1, with Peso describing that in due time everything comes to the light, you only need to sit back and trust the process.

Flipping to Disc 2 of “ÉXODO,” we experience Peso’s true gift, the ability to dominate every genre with precision and we hear Peso singing in English for the first time. “Gimme a Second” featuring emerging rap star Rich The Kid, lays down some tight trap instrumentals. Pairing up with Cardi B, one of the most commercially successful female rappers of her generation, on “Put Em in the Fridge” we experience Peso rapping in English for the first time and Cardi rapping in Spanish, even throwing a nod to Peso’s hometown of Guadalajara. Switching melodies on “Pa No Pensar” featuring Quavo, Peso has Quavo singing in Spanish for the first time while they both describe vices they enlist to not think about anything anymore. Previously released hits “Peso Completo” featuring trap legend Arcangel, and “Bellakeo” featuring Brazilian superstar Anitta, also join Disc 2. Peso Pluma and Ryan Castro join forces again for “Mala” after receiving immense success for their collaboration “Quema,” followed by “Tommy & Pamela,” a sensual Perreo featuring Mexican pop-princess Kenia Os. Closing out Disc 2 is EDM track “Teka” featuring DJ Snake which debuted earlier this year at Coachella and marks Peso’s first venture into the Dance genre.

Collaborators on the album include Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, Jesus Ivan Leal “Parka,” Ernesto Fernandez, Jassiel Ramos, Joel Portillo, Alexis Fierro, Antonio Pérez, Oscar Maydon, Frank Rio, JULiA LEWiS, Edgar Barrera, Lab Cook, DJ Durel, Fresh, Charlie Handsome, Andrew Watt, Cirkut, Rogét Chahayed, Dimelo Flow, Dj Maff, Jorge Milliano, Mario Cáceres, SOG, Chris Jedi, Gaby Music and DJ Snake.

Peso Pluma‘s trailblazing influence continues to make an impact on a global scale. The música Mexicana sensation became the first Mexican to participate in a coveted couch interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and also performed on the show’s stage for the second time. After making history as the first música Mexicana artist to grace the cover of Rolling Stone and headlining two electric weekends at Coachella earlier this year, the global star is gearing up for his highly-anticipated U.S. tour “ÉXODO,” with tickets now available at