Ghostrunner 2 Xbox Series S Review

During PAX East 2020 in Boston, my team and I were able to play the game Ghostrunner. We were hooked so hard, the PR team for 505 Games had a hard time getting us off the game. Well we left freely…after multiple attempts of restarting the game….! Anyways, we were excited that Ghostrunner 2 was announced for next gen systems. After watching the trailer, we knew we had to get our hands on the game.

We were able to get a review digital copy of Ghostrunner 2 for our Xbox Series S console. I was able to download the game straight to my Xbox without a problem. I was a bit worried Ghostrunner 2 might take up a lot of space on my Xbox, but not really at all. Less than 20Gb was needed to be downloaded which isn’t bad at all! I have to say, the graphics in the game are one of the best I have ever seen! On my 4K TV connected to my Xbox Series S, the graphics were intense while playing the game. I felt like I was there during the game.

Our Thoughts


  • Graphics
    • The graphics in the game are a masterpiece! I felt like I was looking at high efficient paintings from a museum where your not able to touch the walls. The attention to detail the artists did for the levels are just astounding. I would take my character and walk around near the walls just to see the detail on everything surrounding them.
  • Flawless Movement
    • The movement of the character in the game just felt so flawless throughout each level. The pure movement of my joystick for my character movement was something out of this world. I basicly had to relearn how to use my controller just for the game as the movement controls were so much better. I didn’t have to anticipate certain movements in the game which would have startled me but gave me additional clarity on that.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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