Generous contribution from Susan Naylor aids in expanding community access to performing arts in San Antonio

Generous contribution from Susan Naylor aids in expanding community access to performing arts in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, TX (June 26) Tobin Center Board Member and dedicated supporter Susan Naylor reaffirms her commitment to provide and increase access and exposure to the performing arts with a $2.5M pledge this week. This pledge will further reduce barriers for those who otherwise may not have the opportunity to attend live performances at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

Charlie’s Seats was created to honor Susan’s son,  Charlie Naylor Moulton, a generous, free spirit with overwhelming wanderlust and a huge sense of adventure. Down-to-earth, easygoing, and authentic, music brought him immense joy, and sharing that joy with others was an ongoing passion. When Charlie passed away unexpectedly in 2016, Susan wanted to honor his love of live music and the emotions it evokes by creating the “Charlie’s Seats Program” at The Tobin Center ensuring Charlie could continue inviting people in our community to attend live performances, regardless of their ability to purchase a ticket.  Since its inception, the program has provided over 2400 free tickets to student groups and non–profit/community organizations serving under-resourced students to Tobin Center events. 

Three years after the launch, Charlie’s Seats became the inspiration for numerous other discount and free ticketing programs at The Tobin Center, all aligning with the goal of ensuring equitable access to the arts. Tobin Teachers, Tobin Heroes, Tobin First Tix, and Arts for All have all grown from the Charlie’s Seats program. To celebrate this generous contribution, the Tobin is elevating the Charlie’s Seats program in perpetuity to become the umbrella for all of the free and discounted ticketing programs The Tobin Center offers.

“This initiative holds a special place in my heart as it not only honors my son’s memory but also ensures that everyone in our community can experience the joy and enrichment of the arts,” notes Susan Naylor. “Charlie loved live music and the arts and enjoyed sharing that love with his friends. My hope is that this program will serve as a legacy of Charlie’s passion and provide that experience for generations to come. It’s something Charlie would have loved doing.”

As part of the new alignment, Friends of Charlie, will launch in July 2024 to provide free tickets to student groups and non–profit/community organizations serving under-resourced students.  Friends of Charlie will join The Tobin Center’s other community ticketing programs which include opportunities for first responders, active and retired military, teachers, and SNAP recipients to receive deeply discounted and free tickets to Tobin Center performances.

“We are profoundly moved by Susan’s generosity. This enduring gift ensures that all members of our community have access to enjoy the transformative power of the arts,” remarked Michael Fresher, President and CEO of the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. “Permanently naming this program in honor of Charlie exemplifies a legacy of compassion and commitment to equity in arts access, reflecting our shared values.”

In addition, Susan Naylor’s generous gift will ensure that The Naylor Bar located in the McCombs Grand Lobby of The Tobin Center permanently honors the Naylor Family. A new plaque will be displayed on the large wall above The Naylor Bar in the McCombs Grand Lobby at The Tobin Center, ensuring that every patron who visits will be witness to Susan’s endless support, advocacy, and love of The Tobin Center.


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