#Funtime PC Game Review

At PAX East 2020 , Drop The Spotlight was able to get their first glimpse of the game #Funtime. The team was very excited to try out the game while at the convention. We were able to sit down and play #Funtime at the quantum astrophysics guild booth.  We were able to talk a bit with their team to get more insight of the game. We got a review key to try the full game out and further our thoughts of the game.

Here is our review  of #Funtime:


-Beautiful Graphics

My god the graphics are just astounding!!! The game looks very futuristic with the array of colors showcased throughout the game. The colors red, blue, green and yellow really stand out for the game as a whole. The graphics looked intense with the colors.

-Easy controls

I was able to pick up the controls of the game quite easily. You move around with the directional pad and then use the R directional pad to move around and shoot. That is pretty simple to pick up and made the game more easier to concentrate on while destroying those enemy crafts and items.


When I first played the demo, it was fun playing the game. Now, with having the complete game in my hands, I was able to learn you can upgrade your ship. You can use your points to get extra health, extra weapons and more. That to me is huge as building your ship with extra weapons and health when the levels get harder is much needed.


-Similar Modes

There are times when I would go to Arcade or Challenge Mode and there was  similar modes with different names to the game. I know this isn’t a big deal but at times, I would get confused on what I wanted to play. I felt they kept the same aspects in levels and just put them in other modes.

-Multiplayer Mode

I would love to see a multiplayer mode for this game to challenge others online. I know this game has high scores from other players online but as a competitive person, I would want more. This would be good way to challenge friends online or even play in the same level at the same time with them. This could be a good battle game against your friends, family or foes.



I really like this game! #Funtime is a game that you can sit down and play after a hard day.  The game is fun as you try to beat your own high score. Your competitive side may come out as you want to beat that score but it can get quite difficult as time goes on. You will have to create that strategy in order to push on and get that high score. Don’t limit yourself, get this game and just have fun.

Funtime Gameplay here:


You can get #Funtime on Steam here: