For All Mankind Season 2 Apple TV Plus Review

For All Mankind Season 2 Apple TV Plus Review

The magical 80’s! I never would have thought of seeing the space race going through the 80’s as shown here in season 2 of For All Mankind! This season brought a lot of laughs and sadness mixed into the show. The ending of this season was just so powerful. The outcome provided relief for most but heart break for the rest.

I have to say this season was fantastic for the viewer to experience those heart felt questions: What could have happened space in the 80’s? What could have happened between these two nations during that time? What could have happened if our legacy went this route? I wrote a short review of the show but you have to experience it. You must sit down and watch this show on Apple TV to fully grasp the show.

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • In this season, we see Jamestown further built and housing more astronauts. With the 80’s, we see a new and improved NASA that continues to grow its influence on the moon. While that is going on, the situation between the USA and Soviet Russia isn’t going too well. NASA reaches out to do more with the Soviets to calm fears but this season is showcasing a bit more of the tensions between both countries.
  • Tracy Stevens
    • Oh Trace! She comes out as an 80’s pin up that brings the MTV generation to the space race. She is all over the tabloids as a huge persona for space and the MTV generation. I’m enjoying her character throughout this second season as see she throws down like crazy!
  • USA vs Soviet Russia
    • The tension between the USA and Soviet Russia is very thick! With the rest of the world experiencing the two nations war, the space industry is in the brunt of it. You witness where an all out war could happen between them with just a push of a button. This season touch a lot on the political situation between both nations.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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