Firestarter Blu Ray Review

Firestarter and film directed by Keith Thomas starring Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, and Sydney Lemmon. Based on the Stephen King King novel Firestarter. Charlie McGee (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) is a special girl from a special family. She was born with powers that came from her parents that met in a government testing lab. Her father and mother each have unique abilities and Charlie’s ability is a very powerful and dangerous one.

She must learn to control it and how to keep her anger in check as they are being hunted by The Shop the lab where they were tested on. So they are always watching their backs and the thermal and energy spikes they put out. As a young girl, she is trying to fit in and be a normal preteen girl. Just she is picked on and messed with leads her to lose her cool.

She is unable to control her powers and the Shop pinpoints their location and sends out someone to bring them in. Starting to fight to save Charlie from The Shop and forcing her to learn to use her powers. Overall I give this one a 6 out of a 10 for a good try a remaking this one. The story is very close to the original movie just falls short of it. A good watch if you saw the original film in my book but check it out for yourself. Own it on digital now and Blu-ray and DVD on June 28.

The Blu-Ray is packed full of some great special features taking a look at the filmmaking process. The use of real fire in the film and a ton more great content to watch. Giving an amazing looking into making this film here are the official details.


    • Andy Reflects in Mirror
    • Andy’s Lot Six Nightmare – Extended
    • Wanless Gets a Visitor – Extended
    • Rainbird Scare/Wildlife Hunt
    • Charlie Treks to Find Andy
    • Charlie Counts Down “Five, Four, Three, Lies”
    • Andy’s Visionary Escape From the Cell
  • A KINETIC ENERGY – Filmmakers and cast discuss how stars Zac Efron and Ryan Kiera Armstrong worked closely with director Keith Thomas to bring this new FIRESTARTER to life.
  • SPARK A FIRE – A look at how the story and themes of FIRESTARTER were adapted from the famous novel.
  • IGNITING FIRESTARTER – A behind-the-scenes look at how some of FIRESTARTER‘s most extreme fire effects and stunts were accomplished.
  • POWER STRUGGLE – A breakdown of the physical stunts and practical effects that came together to craft the fight scene between Rainbird and Vicky.

*Exclusive to Blu-ray, DVD & Digital

FIRESTARTER will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.

  • Blu-ray Combo Pack includes Blu-ray, DVD and Digital copy.
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Here is our unboxing of the Blu-Ray.