Fatherhood Review

Fatherhood is a film byPaul Weitz starring Kevin Hart and Alfie Woodland. Matt is a first-time father his wife passes after giving birth to the first daughter. Not knowing what to do his mother and mother-in-law try to get him to move back to his hometown. He is set he is going to take care of his child and be the father he needs to be for his daughter.

He is way over his head but with the help of his friends, he takes on life without his wife and raises their child. He has not yet dealt with the loss of his wife and comes out when his daughter is rushed to the hospital after a playground accident. As she grows and starts to see other girls with their mothers Matt finds love with a woman and must balance her and his daughter.

He must also learn to ask for help and not keep his daughter away from her grandparents. He must make peace with himself and mother in law. A touching story of a man trying to raise his daughter and still work and have a life. I give this one a 7 out of a 10  for it’s heartwarming story and Kevin does an amazing job in the role of Matt. A feel-good story and a must-see film to see his struggle of being a first-time father alone.

Out now on both digital and DVD and Blu-Ray