Fandemic Houston 2019 Review

We traveled this weekend to Houston, TX for the second annual Fandemic Tour Houston at NRG Center. We were very excited to see the sights and sounds that Fandemic would be providing for the fans this weekend. Here is our review of a combined both days Saturday and Sunday. Thank you to Westover HIlls Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, AT&T Southwest and New Creative Media for sponsoring our trip to Houston.

When we first arrived at NRG Center, the sea of cosplayers were there taking flash photography with photographers and fans a like. We saw some amazing designs by these cosplayers attending Fandemic Houston. This year, we saw a lot of spider man’s and winter soldier cosplayers which is awesome. I know last year was more of a Harley year but it was great to see the creativity brought out by these cosplayers. One cosplayer group I have been personally a fan and was able to meet which were Pocket Sized Cosplay and they were amazing group that interacted with all the fans.

Pocked size cosplay

There were some amazing artists out there in artist alley! We were able to check out a few artists that just blew our mind with there creativity. I am enjoying this next generation of artists that are blowing up the bubble of artistic frenzy. This new artist we interviewed named Daria Aksenova just showcased art that I couldn’t even dream about. My imagination has now added new images to use for daydreaming now. Our interview with her will be posted on Youtube soon.

The crowds were decent on Sunday compared to Saturday. I really feel the less people we saw on Saturday was due to the Astros and Yankees baseball game going on the same day. I also do feel with the win over the Yankees, the people in Houston did one thing they enjoyed when the ‘stros won. They went and celebrated at Fandemic Houston con the very next day. Sunday had a very full feel that day.

The celeb guests were very nice and genuine to the fans attending. We heard of stories of some celebs at the event not being so nice but we didn’t see that. We did see Sebastian Stan, The Winter Soldier, walking around the convention and photo bombing people, signing autographs and hugging people. He was a huge standout at the convention. Jason David Frank continued signing for fans way past the time the convention closed and made sure every fan was taking care of. We were able to interview him and talk to him about being JDF. As a huge Walking Dead and Punisher fan, we were able to do some video work for Jon Berenthal. He was badass and shook our hands after signing so many autographs.

Thank you Sebastan Stan for having us with Lisa Carey and New Creative Media to handle your video work for your VIP panel and breakfast!


All in all, this convention was decent. I did see it didn’t have the presence that it had last year concerning crowds and guest feel but everyone enjoyed it. The process in the convention, no matter all the changes that happened, still provided a fun atmosphere for families and fans.