Falling Skies HBO MAX TV Show Review

Falling Skies HBO MAX TV Show Review

I remember about 10 years ago watching this show on TNT and the impact it left on my imagination. I never would have thought a show would be available that gives you an impression of how aliens from another galaxy could come and start a war with us. A show that included the famed Librarian Noah Wylie that had my full attention when announced. I watched those episodes back then as I wanted the 2nd Mass to defeat the aliens but always something came up. A new situation that, in their view, would help them overcome adversity and use against the aliens.

As a subscriber to HBO MAX, I was able to revisit the show and watch the series while I’m at home relaxing in the evenings. I wanted to remember the good times of the Mason’s as they fought off the aliens while experiencing the bad times where it looked like it was grim for them and the 2nd Mass. Here is a review of the show below and if you like it enough, be sure to check it out on HBO MAX! The link is after the trailer and review below!

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • The story is about an alien culture that comes to Earth and starts a war for the planet. They knock out communications, electricity and destroy our leaders as they roam the planet. Multiple military units in each state fight and protect citizens as they lead them to safety while destroying the alien threat! A very creative story that is enhanced as they are using children as slave labor to build power stations to help power their equipment! Yes!
  • Characters
    • You have various characters that had to learn to work together which created a bonding that lasts throughout the series. You have Tom Mason with his children: Hal, Ben, and Matt that contribute with the 2nd Mass. Then you have Captain Weaver who is military and leader of the 2nd Mass that just wants to destroy those aliens. My favorite character is Pope, he is an outlaw that wants to do what he wants to do. Throughout the series, we learn more about each character in the story and how the war impacted their lives and how they adapted. Fantastic writing from the show that showcase their character building!
  • Implied History
    • I enjoy Tom Mason when he uses historical locations and situations throughout the series. You feel like what it really means when people say “History repeats itself” and with various battles and attacks, you can feel it. Even with them named the 2nd Mass aka Massachusetts, you feel the history run through their veins. Also, Tom Mason was a history teacher prior to the war, so this would be fitting for him to preach and talk about.


  • Season 4
    • I have to say after the amazing seasons of 1 to 3, season 4 was a huge letdown. I had to force myself to watch season 4, it felt like it wasn’t part of the original series or story. Once I got past season 4, season 5 was decent but way better than season 4. The main reason I felt was the wacky storylines involved in season 4 that just made it unbearable and took the charm away from what it once had.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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